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Puppy Classes

Positive, gentle, force free training for puppies, 8-20 weeks of age.  Classes are limited to 4-5 puppies.  Tuition of $160 includes a one hour private consultation with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, in your home, or in our Training facility, Central Dawgma and the Dog Wash, to discuss your training goals and challenges.  A training mat, handbook and clicker with wrist band are also provided.

Central Dawgma and the Dog Wash,
1337 Pennsylvania Ave,
Hagerstown, MD

PuppyPuppyGraduates master basic good manners behaviors: Sit, Down, Wait/Stay, recall (coming when called), loose leash walking, “Go to your mat”, Trade (to exchange a forbidden object), Leave It (to prevent picking up, contacting, or interacting with an undesirable object), and a trick or two, just for fun.

Puppies romp in several sessions of supervised play during the 6 weeks of 1.5 hour classes to teach pups and their owners proper play behavior and appropriate social skills.  One field trip is included, weather permitting.

PuppyPuppyPre- Registration is required; however, enrollment is open.  No need to wait for a new class to start.  Pups train at their own level.  Proof of age appropriate vaccinations required prior to first class, for the health and safety of all puppies.

Don’t wait, puppies are learning and developing habits, both good and not-so-good, from their first weeks of life.  Get your best friend off to a great start. 

Call (703-409-1926) or Contact me
for enrollment information or with any questions you may have.


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