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Karol Kennedy  
  Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Dogs have been in my life for as long as I can remember.  Many accompanied me, worldwide, in my career military travels.  My love of dogs led me to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Council of Professional Dog Trainer's rigorous hands on training and testing program.  Today,  working with shelter dogs, training my own (mostly rescue) dogs, and studying in multiple levels of dog training academies, seminars, and symposiums, I have been humbled by the body of knowledge that exists, the research that has been and is being conducted and the dedication of trainers and dog owners to which this journey has introduced me.

The Kennedy "Pack"

The Kennedy "Pack"


In the neighborhoods I grew up in, dogs often were tethered under a shade tree in an unfenced yard or wandered the neighborhood in search of other dogs, mischief or both.  Formal training of family dogs was little heard of.  

We were relieved when they finally stopped chewing up stuff and our “house breaking” methods were primitive, at best.  In spite of the negative interaction, our dogs “loved” us, came home every night from their wanderings and survived on a combination of table scraps and pretty nasty smelling dog food.  What I didn’t know and regret, was the capacity, enthusiasm and excitement that dogs display for learning new things and how much richer our relationships with them can be.  

I want to help family owned dogs to become confident, comfortable in new situations, take part in family trips and activities, get along with other dogs and pets, and be lifelong companions.

Let’s discover, together, just what your dog can do.

I am the trainer for HOPE (Hounds of Prison Education) at Roxbury Correctional Institution, Hagerstown, MD.  This organization places rescued dogs with inmate handlers who provide good manners training and help them to overcome fear and behavioral problems which have made them unadoptable.  Trained and well-adjusted dogs are “paroled” into their forever homes and provided ongoing advice and training support when needed.

I'm also a volunteer and training resource with the Humane Society of Washington County whose website “Talk to the Trainer” program invites the public to submit dog training and behavior questions and receive answers and advice on line.  I'm also a regular contributor of articles on dog training and ownership in the Humane Society of Washington County newsletter, Tail Wagger.
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