Puppy Classes Puppy Classes
  Hi!  I’m happy we found one another.  Chances are you are either deciding to establish a training foundation for your new dog or puppy, or want to resolve some behavior challenges in an otherwise “perfect” relationship with your dog.

You're checking whether our philosophies of dog ownership, training methods and beliefs are compatible.  Great start!
Good, responsible dog owner! Click & Treat (more about that later).

Here are some results you can expect from our classes:

        • great communication with your dog
        • a mutual understanding of what is expected
        • and what is not to occur!
        • a well behaved dog who is welcome anywhere you wish to go. 

Download BrochureAs you sniff around these pages, you'll discover my dog and puppy training philosophy and experience; learn a bit about my dogs - but that's all about me!

Check out the photo gallery of alumni where clients share their training challenges and triumphs.  You will find you have much in common with them.  They’ve had barkers and leash pullers, door dashers and counter surfers, couch commandeers and demand whiners, body slammers and attention seekers, ankle biters and toe nippers! 

They have made the journey you are em-“barking” upon.

Give me a call.  I would love to meet you and your dog!    

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